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Philodendron hederaceum variegata, variegated heartleaf philodendron

Philodendron hederaceum variegata, variegated heartleaf philodendron

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So excited to be able to offer this special plant. The variegation patterns are putting out consistently beautiful patterns from a mottled dark green over light mint, to half moons. Grows a bit slower than the typical heartleaf, but if you give this a pole to climb it still grows pretty vigorously.

Philodendron is a genus that can be found all throughout the lush rainforests of Central and South America, as well as parts of Caribbean Islands. There are nearly 1000 species belonging to the Philodendron genus, and it is believed there are still many yet to be discovered. Philodendrons have a wide variation in size, appearance, and growth pattern; some are terrestrial aroids growing in the ground and others are epiphytic that climb into tree canopies. 

Philodendron are rewarding to grow as they are easy to propagate and grow new plants. The key to keeping your Philodendron happy is allowing them to climb (or crawl!), giving them a well-draining soil and a good source of bright indirect light.

Check out the blog for detailed Philodendron care tips.

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