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Anthurium magnificum verde

Anthurium magnificum verde

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Anthurium magnificum verde is a slightly different version of the regular Anthurium magnificum. While there can be a lot of variation amongst an Anthurium magnificum's velvety leaf blade, the Magnificum verde leaf tends to have a greener, more subdued venation, and a larger leaf form with a slightly more narrow shape. Leaves emerge a ruby red or brown and harden off to a deep dark green.

Anthurium is the largest genus of the Arum (Araceae) family of about 1000 flowering plant species, including both epiphytic and terrestrial plants. Native to rainforests of Central and South America, the majority of Anthurium can be found growing on the sides of trees or in canopy wells above the ground. Anthurium is a widely diverse genus beloved for its seriously stunning foliage that takes on many shapes, sizes, and textures. 

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