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Are you on the hunt for a particular plant? Would you like some suggestions for what kind of plant to get for your space? Something else? Reach out to and we'll get back to you ASAP (usually a day or two)

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Here is our selection of plants we try to keep in stock, and their current prices.

Pricing and availability subject to change. The best way to see the most current selection is to pay a visit to the shop or reach out via email to

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  • Trailing plants

    What better way to fancy up an empty ledge or shelf than with a trailing plant such as a pothos, heartleaf philodendron, or spider plant? These are all perfect for a spot that gets some bright indirect light for a few hours of the day.

  • Low maintenance plants

    Nearly all of the plants we stock are considered hardy and low maintenance, but we always have some tried-and-true plants that seem to thrive off neglect!

  • Pet safe plants

    We love our furry friends and always want to offer our customers options to have a jungle without the risk of hurting their precious pups or kitties! We always keep some selection on hand that are considered non-toxic for pets

  • Sun-loving plants

    If you're lucky enough to have a space that gets a lot of bright light, we have a lovely selection of plants that love a nice sun bath and can tolerate drying out.

  • Low-light tolerant plants

    While no plant can survive with zero light, we have found (and regularly stock) certain plants to be tolerant of lower light levels. Every plant has its care needs listed on the label.

  • Large plants

    We always try to keep a unique and lush assortment of "big boys" in the shop. Whether you're too impatient to watch a small plant grow up or you have a large space to fill, we have a selection of high quality, mature size plants.